Welcome to my Website! Where we review different websites that teach html


w3schools is a great website to find what ever you need about html. If you are new to the htlm scene it gives you an introduction on what it is and the basics. They give you different turtorials on headings, paragraph, tables, lists, etc. Not only does it give you a large selection of turtorials but it is straight to the point. There are no adds which is a plus for me because I am really impatient closing adds. I stronlgy recomend everyone to use this webstie without it. I use this website to review what I know and grow my Knowledge on html.


Mozilla is another website that shows information on html. Like the pervious website it holds all the diiferent formating on the left side of the screen. unlike the last website the information is more organized and gives you a title for each section. Under the title it gives you various links on sentions about that title. So lets say there was a title named css. Under that it will give you different other tabs about that topic such as styling text. I would aslo suggest this website because it is very helpful and shows you everything on html.


HTML Dog is a similar website to the other two But HTML Dog is more spread out. Instead of having everything on one page and having to scroll down to what you are looking for, HTML Dog puts you in the home page where you have four options. The four options are turtorials, techniques, examples, and refrencing. If you were to go to turtorials they give you 3 main sections html, css, and javascript turtorials. From there you choose from 3 classes of learning beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I also suggest this one as it helps you from a scale based on how much you know.