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The Cereal Killer

Hello I am Steve flaminton welcome to MMD News. Their is a breaking story of a home invader. This invader has been breaking into homes and is eating everyone's cereal. This man has not been identified yet but as been described to be in a white bunny suit. The man is about 6'2 and is trust passing into homes in down town Trixalicious. Without cereal how are families supposed to start off thier day, with boring pancakes the world would be dead. We have Stacy Golten on the scene of the situation.

The scene of the crime: Stacy Golten

What turned a regular day into a tragic event. I'm Stacy Golten at down town Trixalicious in a friendly neiborhooh where the monster breezed through. We have a mother of 2 who was a victim here's her story. "I was in the living room with my family when I heard my backdoor bust open. Me and my 2 kids jumped and ran to the kitchen where my backdoor was. I saw him eating all of our Trix cereal, I told my kids to run to their room while i grabbed my sandle and threw the sandle at it. The bunny then ran out of my home but took all of the cereal with it." learn more about the situaton on our news websit click here